Hidden Feature

URL Parameter

Since version 2.0, a hidden feature has been added to LoftLoader Pro.

When a page has enabled LoftLoader Pro on it, users can add “?pageloader=false” to the end of the page’s URL so that the preloader can be hidden when sharing this page link with others (for example, email this page link to others).

For example:

  • A page URL is “https://www.mywebsite.com/homepage” and LoftLoader Pro is enabled on this
    page. So when visiting this link, the preloader will be displayed.
  • But when visiting “https:// www.mywebsite.com/homepage?pageloader=false“, the preloader will not be displayed.

For Developer

Since version 1.2.1, after the loading process is completed, a JavaScript event “loftloaderprodone” is triggered on DOM object “document“. Then developers can bind their own code to this event.

For example:

jQuery(document).on('loftloaderprodone', function(e) { 
    alert( 'Hello world!' );
} );

The result:

After the loading process is completed and the loading screen disappears, it displays an alert box with message “Hello world!”.

When do you need to use this:

If there is a slider on the page and you want the slides to not start moving/rotating before the loading screen disappears, you can write code to hold the slider for a while and let it know when it should start moving/rotating.


New API added since version 2.3. If you want to apply the smooth page transition feature to a custom HTML element on your website, please refer to the following code:

jQuery(document).on('loftloaderpro.spt.start', function(e) { 
    // TODOS 
} );