Detect Elements

Detect Elements

Since version 2.0, LoftLoader Pro can check loading for different elements. To change the settings, please go to LoftLoader Pro settings panel > More > Detect Elements. There are 4 options:

  • Detect when the browser stops loading
  • Detect Images – Default.
  • Detect Videos
  • Detect Images & Videos

Please note: When checking video loading, LoftLoader Pro will check videos from YouTube & Vimeo, and video from Media Library. Other video resources cannot be detected right now.

Detect Autoplay Video

If you select “Detect Videos” or “Detect Images & Videos“, another option will appear: “Also detect autoplay video”.

When this option is enabled, the loading time may increase when there are autoplay videos on a page.

You may have noticed this: You embed a video (YouTube or Vimeo) onto your webpage, which shows a preview image (thumbnail) and control bar of the video. However, when you click the play button, the video usually does not start playing immediately, you may see a loader/spinner inside the video for a while, and then the video starts to play. If the network condition is not good, sometimes the video may even plays and pauses to wait for the rest content to load.

This is because the video has not yet been loaded from the external source before it starts playing. When you click the play button, or trigger the “play” function by code (autoplay when the page is loaded), it starts loading the video file at this point.

Therefore, if this option is enabled, the loader will wait for the video file to load until it can start playing. But this does not mean that the entire video file has been downloaded to your page. If the network condition is not good, after the video starts playing and the loader disappears, the video may still pause and wait for the remaining content to be loaded.

Please also note that LoftLoader cannot detect any of the following conditions:

  • The code (HTML) of the video does not exist in the source code of the page, the code for the autoplay video is added to the page after the page is loaded.
  • The video does not start playing when the page is loaded, it is set to play automatically when the page scrolls to a certain point.