Minimum Load Time

Control Minimum Load Time

Click on the More section, then you can find the option for “Minimum Load Time”.

This option lets you to set the minimum value of the pre-loader’s load time duration. It prevents the pre-loader from disappearing too fast – you may want to show the pre-loader (with your brand image) clearly to your site visitors.

It is the minimum value. It means if your page content is light-weight, let’s say it only need 1 second to load all content, and you set the Minimum Load Time to 5 seconds, then the pre-loader will show for 5 seconds before it’s gone. If your page need 10 seconds to complete loading, then your setting (5 seconds) will not affect the real loading time. The pre-loader will fade away after all content has been loaded.

Please note: the options in the More section only work on front end. It means when you change the settings, nothing will happen in the preview area. Save the changes you have made, they will be applied to your site. Please remember to clear your site cache and browser cache before checking your front-end.