How to close a support ticket

When your questions in a ticket have been answered by our support team, you can close this ticket. This is for better organising and tracking your support requests.

Please note: A closed ticket cannot be replied again. If you have other questions or problems, please open a new ticket.

Method 1:

In the reply form, enable “Close Ticket” option. Enter some message and click “Reply & Close“.

Method 2:

In the right sidebar, you can change the ticket status from “Open” to “Closed“.

View Closed Ticket:

In the left sidebar > Click the small menu button > Click “Closed” > All closed tickets will be displayed.

The closed ticket will be strikethrough.

Tickets can be closed by Support Team:

After processing and completing the request, if the customer has not closed the ticket, the support team will close the ticket.

If the support team has not received a response from the customer for more than 14 days after responding to a request, the request will also be closed.

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