Nothing looks like the demo / No content after installing the theme

Dear customers,

If you installed one of our WordPress themes, but found that there is no any content (posts, phots, pages, forms, etc.) on your website, or your website does not look like any of our demos, please read this tutorial.

WordPress themes execute the presentation and styling of content, therefore, installing a theme (any theme) won’t add any content into your website automatically. This is how a WordPress theme works. :)

In order to easily create new websites, many premium themes offer the “One Click Demo Import” feature to help users import some dummy content (and the predesigned layouts and styles) into their websites. Our theme also provides this feature. Please follow the instructions below to import a demo:

Step 1 – Please make sure you have installed and activated the theme. Related documentation: Theme Installation.

Step 2 – And please install the required plugin “theme-name Extension”, and also install the recommended plugins. And activate these plugins.

Related documentation: Install Required Plugin and Recommended Plugins.

Step 3 – Please refresh the page, and then navigate to “Appearance”, > “Import Demo Data”. Then you can choose a demo and import it. Please check the documentation for the detailed instructions: Demo Importing.

The document links all point to a certain product (TinySalt theme). If you are using our other themes, you can learn from the operation steps. The installation and import demo functions of all our WordPress themes are the same.

Hope this helps.

If you cannot find the related options, or if you encounter problems when you import a demo, please feel free to let us know. Please open a support ticket at Loft.Ocean Support Center, and provide us with your website URL and a temporary administrator account, and please also let us know which demo you’d like to import, so our support team can help you import it to your website. Thank you.

Best regards,
The Loft.Ocean Team

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